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I can wait for it. Hopefully. - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I really realize it just now. Its been 4 yrs, if I will consider online relationship it been 4 months now. But you know online relationship sometimes it really doesn't work. I really don't need to rush when it comes to love. It can really wait. Now, I'm waiting for it.

It's been 4 years because I'm working abroad. I much focus on my work than to my self. It just pop in my mind that until now I don't have serious relationship. I thought sometimes I fell alone because I'm far away from my home country. Well half of it its true, but half of it i'm lonely because I don't have a boyfriend yet. It's not that I'm depress or a emo in that matter. It's just that we want someone to love.

But the real question it how long you can wait? We are just human, we intend to become impatient. I can still look for love but I'm willing to wait for the right guy for me.

Hhhhmmm... I hope he's near now. Just wait and see. (I think I become a crazy person now.) &gt.


Some have been waiting a lot longer than you have, Allan.


i have been waiting for the right guy as well, i have met alot of klinkers and even felt as if i were running a Romper room love to get to know you better i am a romantic monogamous man that also loves to laugh and have a good time.