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Love & Relationships ● 19 to 70 years ● 75km around Canada, Edmonton ● 4 months ago
I am a 70 years young male, from southern European background, considered handsome, fit every where needed, and slim with a smooth body. I am looking for a very special friendship complimented with a vibrant and passionate sexual component, with a masculine man in his very late 40s and older. Please respect my age preference. I am well educated, 5' 7", 145 lbs, 32" waist, very smooth body and nature provided me well. I am located east of Toronto, in Canada. Although I do not post a picture, I will be able to show you what I look like. I am undoubtedly confident that my looks will not be disappointing. Making Love should be magic in Paradise, in a combination of mind, heart and body, all merged in perfect harmony. I love sex, a lot, but it is so much better when you have it with love. After having read the above, please allow me to summarize facts that may be of interest to you: I do not want to marry you; I want to share you and be a part of you I do not want to move in with you; I only want to know that you are there I do not want to enslave your heart; I only want to be embraced by it I do not want to run your life; I only want to nourish it I do not want to change you; I want to learn from you I will not be your slave; and you will not be my master I do not want your money; I have my own I do not want a husband; I want a lover and a best friend I do not want to hinder your freedom; I want to help you to value it If you are sad and unhappy I want to be you joy If you feel lonely, I want you to know that I exist. If you are married I understand your need without judgment---you already made that judgment and it was painful enough. If a 3rd person enriches your relationship, I will believe in "Polyamory." If you ask me if I want to "F***," I will candidly say that I want to make love. If you ONLY seek a picture, you will miss the "person; if you seek the "the person" you will get the whole and real picture. We are all on this site because we miss something. And being judged is not part of it. Values, truth and correctness are all social constructs---straight, gay, closet, out; single, married, partnered or committed. Who gives a damn? Just be a good person! If you are still interested, I would welcome your message. Maybe I will find my magic.
Love & Relationships ● 50 to 75 years ● 500km around Canada, Ajax ● one year ago

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