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Iconic gay club

This large, iconic gay club also serves contemporary american food in since 1980 and is the city's most successful gay club with excellent food and great atmosphere. Get down to JR's for a gay old time!


Cruise Bar in the area

  • Round-Up Saloon

    Since its opening in 1980, The Round-Up Saloon has been dubbed the home of Good Times and Good people. There's line dancing lessons, great drinks, ...
  • Hidden Door Inc.

    Billed as 'the friendliest bar in Texas' this popular bar offers a patio with cocktails & draft beers, plus pool and darts. Mostly busy at evening...
  • The Dallas Eagle

    The Dallas Eagle is a Leather/Levi bar located in Dallas, Texas. Although it doesn't have a strict dress code, you can just come, be real and be y...