I like hanging out on the lazy chair binge-watching Netflix. I also like strolling on beach before sunset and discovering new friends. On one particular outing I chance upon a young black man, about mid 30s, strolling towards me at dusk. We shared civil pleasantries and as chance would have it we strike up a pleasant conversation. Now, I want you to know that I believe making fast friends, like love-at-first-sight, is possible in our day and age. And apparently this chance encounter would prove me right. The conversation reveals that we have a lot in common. As our conversation continued we began to stroll together. After about 20 minutes we sat together on the beach-dune admiring the final rays of the sunset. As the conversation continued my new friend asks me to join him for a drink at his beach house, which he informs is only about three more blocks ahead. Not wanting the conversation to end I reply, "I think that's a great idea!" and we continue our conversation as we start out again, this time with a specific destination in mind. After about twenty minutes we reach his light blue beach house. After about three margaritas, two club sodas, a couple bowls of pretzels and cheese cubes and a few hours of riveting casual conversation I remark that I should be heading back home. As I stand and start my way to the door he gently grasps my hand and invites my to stay longer. I gently tell him that I am unable to reciprocate because I am straight. He stands, and looking in my eyes, tells me I don't have to do anything I am not comfortable doing. He reassures me that our friendship is too important to jeopardize, and if I get to a point when I feel I must leave that I am free to do so. I agree to stay. And he asks me if I'm comfortable if he sits in his underwear only; and I say it's fine. After he returns from his bedroom I am surprised by the type of underwear he has on. It is made of light blue spandex mesh which perfectly accentuates the curve of his butt and the bulge between his legs! And the fabric leaves nothing to the imagination, because I can clearly make out the length, girth, skin tone and shape of his semi-erect penis, which is porting a slight, yet natural, curve to the left. It is also obvious that his pubic region is gloriously ringed by a full, dark bush! I was so taken aback that I hadn't realized that I was springing forward in my swim trunks on my way to a full erection, until I noticed his gaze and wry smile as he observed my spontaneous excitement. I blushed! I was not accustomed to this kind of attention from a man; and I never realized that I could react erotically to a semi-naked man! I mentioned my surprise and alarm to my new friend and he said it's only possible when two people, whether hetero-erogenous or homo-erogenous, already share a common bond and natural affinity for each other. I sheepishly confessed that made sense. And then he moved closer to me; and I did not back away, because I was intrigued by the unexpected physical arousal and simultaneous attraction to him! He then said I could leave if I was uncomfortable, to which I softly said, "No, but I'm just surprised by my almost instant physical reaction to seeing you barely clad in my presence." My answer seemed to relieve his apprehension, and emboldened him to motion for me to approach him at the couch. I did so, and once I was in front of him he asked permission to touch me and whether I would be comfortable with him disrobing me. Again I softly said "yes" again, but with a slight jubilant exhilaration at the attention he was showering me with. In an instant I was standing buck naked in front of him, and he began to softly cradle my balls while he quietly leaned forward and engulfed my now rock-hard erect penis in his warm welcoming mouth. Just the sensation of his large black lips caressing my crown, and eventually sucking it further into his moist mouth, made my eyes roll back in my head. That's when he knew I was completely his for the evening. I don't remember a lot of what happened after that glorious blow-job, but what I do remember is his passionate erotic penetration of my anus with his ten-inch left-curved dick! I lost count of how many times we each climaxed the other, but what I can tell you is that not only were we fast friends, but also lovers at first sight . . . . . I just didn't realize it until I erotically reacted to his gloriously dark brown rod, and experienced the most erotic anal sensations I never dreamed possible! And yes, I and Jaxson are now long time lovers; and life and of course sex, has never been better.
Social Corner25 to 60 years ● 150km around USA, Frederick 3 hours ago

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