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  • 08.07.2019 11:10:23
  • Male (36)
  • Los Angeles
  • Not single
Trashy Slut Needs to be Used
I'm a totally trashy, skanky slut that loves to be used like a filthy street whore. Use me as a cumdump, toilet, watering hole, gash, spitoon, urinal, etc. I love to meet on the street, take me to an alley and use me...or let's meet at a filthy bookstore.
Fetish & BDSM35 to 75 years ● 50km around USA, Los Angeles
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Anyone in the Orlando, Fl area? - Gay Guys! <3

I am here to look for someone serious and honest that i can spoil

icon-wio Nelson2748481 created a personal ad
Sugar daddy looking for sugar baby
I am just looking for someone honest and serious for a long term relationship, I want someone i can spoil , someone I can trust and build something nice with. No games No dramas, I want to take care of you and make you happy always, I feel lonely I need true love, feel free to message me
Love & Relationships20 to 80 years ● In USA, Los Angeles
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  • 05.07.2019 6:36:02
  • Male (36)
  • Los Angeles
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Leather and Crossdressing

I too love cross dressing, drag and sexy lingerie sex with men.
First time I went out as female, it was to a gay bar. I dressed at a motel and then drove over to the bar. It was quite nerve racking and fun at the same time.
Two big hairy bears cruised me, danced with me, bought me drinks and we More… went to my motel room for more intimate connection.
The motel manager was watching us flirting in the parking lot. He made a call to my room and asked if everything was ok. I asked if he wanted to come check on me. He came by after my dates left. He didn’t leave right away. He was carrying on conversation looking hard at me in my sexy lingerie and heels.
I invited him onto the bedside and he brushed back my hair and kissed me. He was hung way bigger than the two guys before... lucky me ❤️
I frequent that motel every chance I get to dress up like a female.

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