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BOSS LADY ON FIRE - Love and Romance

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Okay I landed this new job and im siting with a bunch of other employees waiting for the person in charge to do their orientation and blah blah words of encouragement and crap. When all of the sudden this fine bomeshell of a goddess walked in.
Why oh God why was this stunning beauty of a woman is my new BOSS? Talking bout pick jaw off floor, she is so so fine! Tall, nice sexy legs, a mean body, soft pouty lips, beautiful almond brown eyes, sweet soft voice,short hair diva, pencil skirt with twins poking through the blouse, and the sexy assistant glasses! Oh my goodness she's so fine but why she gotta be my boss, why tell me why!?
I didn't even hear damn thing that she said this morning all I could think about was those lips and where i want them to go on me!.
That's not the worst part lol she bent over and lean on her desk and the ass was so nice, I wish that i was the damn wall for that moment cause she was just rubbing it back and forth very slowly
(why am I being *** so?)
(yes I watch that closely to see that)
This is not good I wonder how long imma last, had to leave cause I got a lil excited ,
(smile there is a reason why im a female and not male ATTENTION! I SALUTE YOU)
Nothing but SEX was just running in my mind, man its really distracting having a fine boss and here's the topper...........SHE'S NOT STRAIGHT for her so called assistant told on her by mistake, I guess she saw me scoopin lol. The assistant was writting down who was here at orientation and she though a male co-worker and I were dating, I was sitting next to him but that doesn't mean im dating him!
(uh huh, right out of everyone else YOU ask me THAT!)
I looked at her dead in her eye and calmly said, "no".
I'm thinking," yeah if things were different you know I can get her, you saw me wanting her, besides why you looking at me you should be concern about her, im being nice I'm not going to let the "Bandit" lose at work but if I see her outside imma get those numbers and there is not a thing you can do about it!"
If she's urs u better put a ring on it cause I see none!"
Let the assistant hate idc either way not my fault she felt threaten by me, Im harmless(smile) how am I suppose to know that my new boss is HOT.

Hmmmm maybe i should start looking for another job just to be on the safe side. Think I made myself a target for the assistant lol!
What you think?

New Boss Lady can evaluate me anytime, I can show her how devoted i am to my work(smile)

Already in the new year, when will I learn lol?


Wow, quite the predicament.
Sorry not a clue how to help, but i guess if you just do you job and try not to look at her except when on lunch breaks, then all is well


lmfao omg dude same thing happen to me xD thats just horrible man u hate to be put in that situation lmao and what if your boss comes over to where ur working and just starts chatting with u and its starts to be everyday she does that trying to be cute routine talking to u everyday her tits all up against ur bad whispering in ur ear ah!!! lmao omfg lets just say i was glad it was only a summer job. because that lady i swear try to *** me i would have let her to XD but then its not *** is it XD


LMAO THAT WASN'T HELPFUL YOU GUYS! Putting more bad ideas in my head!

Must controll the Bandit within having trouble................I keep hearing "Milkshakes" by Kelis when I see her walk by! I bite the inside of my cheek so I won't go too deep with my thoughts! (smile)

Let's just say I do get a chance to taste the boss's rainbow what would be pro's and con's of the situation?

But........If SHE takes advantage of me, I would totally let her!
I can be quiet when need to be, idk about her thou...........

Me and my dirty, dirty, mind lol

Will she get the New Boss's panties?


I'm the one being tease here lol! If she knows that then she knows exactly what she doin cuz its drawing me in. Once Im in I hope she forgives me for pluckin her flower like that cause I go straight for the kill.
Its best to get it outside from work but I get the strange feeling its going to happen at the job and it will be obvious when people look at her. She doesn't know my level so I hope the situation works out cause she got me prowling. I'm not even worry if she can wear me out, its me should have second thoughts about cause I don't play, I go for it. You don't dangle things in front of me for if I catch it, then ur in trouble!

Then I say, Crystal Made me do it (smile)



LMAO XD i love the chase if they dangle it they must want u to catch it right?
and since shes dangling it catch it XD lol i have a strange feeling to that its goona happen on the job probably in her office or the supply closet XD

i be proud i made u do it XD its the power of the PERV! =3


Imma wait to see what else she got! The perv is moving but my will is strong! Besides I wanna see if she's going to come closer a little more before I do anything else, not going to let her have ALL the power!

Damit I'm Sammie
Aka Romeo and Aka Bandit
Let's see if she'll give it up to me don't wanna be premature on the move it's still work you know but I can't ignore a lady's desire. Gotta be precise about it, remember the assistant I haven't forgot her, can't let her blow my cover.
Imma play it cool or at least get her distracted with somebody else lol!

Mission Not Impossible is in Full Effect

Man that whole thing being good for the new year didn't last long at all lol!'
Just one more and that's it (smile)


you can do it sammie! go sammie go! *jumps into a cheerleaders outfit* rawr rawr rawr go sammie go sammie ignore that hotty! and do your work like it's a woman!
but not the one you want!

*goes behind bleachers* speaking of ***.....i can see that girls undies heeeeh


Oh man just one more!
No No I can do this, I just have to find something about her that annoys me if i can stop zoning out long enough.

She's such a Pretty health hazard, man I hate that kind of fine, you know the kind that almost get you kill cause your not paying attention to what ur doing!

Note to self don't walk with hot liquids when catching a peep
Sometimes Beautiful is Dangerous (Smile)

I'm try harder Lea, but if she touches me then its all over, Im going down


i hope she touches u its gonna happen happen hopefully no one is around u can let the bandit out and steal her goodies lmao XD
and i know what fine u are talking about omg i was walking down at the habor i almost fell in the water that girl was soooo fine


Damn she was a death risk lol!
Man if she touch me its all over, then imma be all ova her, and she looks like she can get down to as well! Why is the sexual tension so high in there you can literally feel it like a thick fog? Gotta be something in the air or the coffee, hmmmm.................
Man I hope she the last one foreal and if it does happen i hope its just freaky office play and nothing further, who knows maybe she'll get transfer.

I can only hope cause this feels like college all over again lol!


LOL its sex in the air sex and candy XD
" i smell sex and candy"
LOL hopefully and u get to play with her all the time mmm! x3
and yes that girl was a death risk lol i was walking with out looking i was like DAMN!!! oh shorty what ur name is
she helped me though from not falling XD


Not me I tell her No in heartbeat but some just find it cute when I say U R A Danger to MY Health! "Aww im not dangerous" or "I'll protect you baby" and the killer "you know ur cute when u get all serious"!

Damit when a lady wants you can't refuse MOST of her offers lol!
I need to hurry up and get marry I have a feeling my summer is going to be bananas this year, I'm being watch lol!


LMFAO ur being watch like hawk! lmfao xD
aw man i know what u mean i stop saying that though i kept getting myself in situations i couldnt get out of @.@
uh oh maybe u should save ur new years resolution for 2011 XD


No I'm done I'm bout to retire from this! Look I can't satisfy ever girl that keep coming my way, they going to have to fine another. I'm trying to get my nest egg straight for babygirl and myself.
I can't love'em all and I guess the pressure is getting to some cause I've already said that I was moving in with her in the Fall.
I say if your good at what you do then news will travel faster then the 5'oclock news so imma try to keep real low key for the spring and summer (with exception of the few that made my list) .
I just gotta get pass Boss Lady and Im homefree!
So one last play and Im out, settle down have some kids and chill.

Just gotta follow through and keep the crazy heads at bay lol!
Some girls get really hot in the south and don't know how to let go


just imagine her really fat and distorted than you'll be fine. or that's she's your mom and you walked in her and your dad having sex, you'll never see her the same again


Awww man I was really repressing that memory Lea, thanks alot, but it was my grandparents not my parents. That other one is not going to work either I'm disappointed now feelin a bit emo, old people sex!
where's my eyeliner?

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