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I've been reading some gay stories that have some humor, excitement (who wouldn't that:cock:) and other emotional feelings. I was just wondering if any of you are inspiring writers or have stories to tell whether fiction or non-fiction would be great. I would love to read what you wrote and I'm sure others too. So what do you think? Let your imagination run wild. I don't know maybe its on here about gay stories but I just thought I'll put it out there. 


You might like one I just submitted to Gay Sex in the Forum. "My Last Experience with a Man" It just needs to get approved then will be public.

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Ill make it a top 3 real stories

I checked with my female dentist , she scheduled me in a sunny day and she didnt bother to announce me in time that that day she went to get some stupid award that dentists get randomly . fine, i went there and there was no one around , the replacement doctor was late . I had sore teeth and it was cool but i started jerking off. The replacement doctor a young lad , grad student no doubt who smelled like cherry arrived and made me precum but cock block i was only half horny and now 150% angry so i barged in and violently set on the chair

- What up ? says him

- Both you and the doctor are late and i started jerking of and then you show up and i cannot finish it ... ( damn stupid me i said that out loud )

- And so ? Why dont you ?

- What?

- Finish the job...

- Im sorry, it s just that i m in ***

- Tell you what...Let s just fix you up and then  can help you finish the job if you want to just...dont tell anyone

- Well doc , if you can fix this *** this will be our little secret

He killed the lights , locked the door , he checked in my mouth and gave me something for the ***

- You know what ? im not exactly authorized to work that deep without medical supervision , take some pills and comeback when she is around , but if you re up for it , go ahead...Finish the job ... the bathroom is on the left !

- Care to join me ?

We went , started to frott  and cleaned up , we both went home and never spoke of it again

That was Top 3 , medium . Il cumback for more stories


For story sakes i will say i  was 19 (years old ) but i was a bit younger I went to the pool ( didnt know i was gay) with some friends both girls and guys . All that warm water made me go cause nature was calling and besides me in the can i saw through a not very big hole , a 20 s something showering and what i found it hot wasnt his ass or penis it was actually is clean bare feet and soles and i swear i wasnt very obvious but somehow he knew i was watching him and had my penis in my hand . He burst in ( i can fairly say he broke the door ) knocked me out and started milking me very brutally . When we where both done he kneed me  and i was vomiting and in *** but i also enjoyed it


Numero uno

It was 8th grade school year end party. 2 of our girls n class started to put n a show and started touching themselves and we where drinking beer and we saw are growing dicks , me being longer . The party was over very early around 21:00 so some guys decided to take the party to some of our friends Alex and Luca . Do you have any porn ? Luca asked . And Andrew turned on his computer. We where given the opportunity to change into something more relaxing until we had only a small shirt and swim wear. We went to pee before getting started again. Luca noticed my penis again and asked why is mine bigger than theirs ? Then he remembers Alex parents are doctors and Alex clears the room and brings a black wallet as Luke is evil laughing as he pushes a closet in front of the door blocking the way out. They *** me to get naked and so are they , we are all jerking off. Luke opens the wallet and reveal it s a surgical scissor , a medium sized one . Alex ties my hands and feet on the wooden floor bed and they start to tease me with that scissor to go as far as gently upside down rubbed the sharp metal to my dick and instead of crippling *** i felt good and came and came on the scissors as well. They released me but where shocked i enjoyed it. Ever since then i tried to recreate the conditions. Now , i use scissors to jerk off to reach my max.my first sexual contact with a boy got me another close penectomy 

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