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I have a crush on a woman, whom I believe to be older than me. I don't mind the age gap, but it's just that the love crush struck right on me. I fell for her instantly, but I'm clueless, whether she'll be interested in me or she's at least in the same-sex-attraction group? What am I to do?


Best thing to do here is usually to start out with a conversation with her. Ask questions. Find out if she has a husband or a boyfriend or if she is dating someone. If she is single or available, ask her to go for coffee or maybe lunch. Ask her if she would like to get to know you and be friends. Start casual- you have to be friends before anything else.


ok well mine is the opposite my gfs crazy about me but shes much younger
i enjoy her ''spunk'' but when it comes to responsibility re everyday mundane things thats when i am sensing the difference
we are just getting to kmow each other but i wonder about the age differencefeedback please
xo k

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