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Love exposing, (anxious) need suggestions!


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Since years in my short singles time I have discovered online exposing and pursuing assignments among themselves or in a chat like telegram. I do put a lot of value on business and love life and find exactly this difficult. I am in a monogamous relationship that also fulfills everything. Yet often I feel the need to do something exciting for myself. Am also sure that if it is too public, and he knows this I destroy my whole life. Sarcastically we do talk about making an onlyfans and bought meshwear and jockstraps for ourselves for the first time. My first fantasy is to go online with these again and take public photos and videos. Do you guys know this feeling and maybe have this experience too? How do you guys handle it? Where to present? Or do you guys just have any tips. Telegram for example unfortunately lets my friend know my online status etc.

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