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Gender Male
Age 34
Status Single
Orientation Bisexual
Nationality Filipino
Personality Romantic
Religion Buddhist
Zodiac sign Cancer

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I want someone who wants to be his partner not the other partner
Sometimes, i feel that its as if i live in a world that has no place for someone like me, so i longed for someone who could see whats special in me, but what i really need is to see that by myself, sometimes im good, really good, sometimes im bad, but as only as bad as i wanna be, i always wanted to be myself and show the world the real me, i hate pretending, its just that i feel like ive been put into cage when im not being me, i really dont care what people say about me, i just want to stay real, and so what...

I want men looking for a perfect love not sex okey. Sometimes yeah sex could be. But moreover love. I am a person who wants to change the preference of being bisexual, it doesn't mean your a bisexual your a sex maniac okey. We do not dress like girls nor act such but we became bisexual because there is something on being a bisexual which I like and that is relationship that lasts. Since you know how do male act, preference, etc. it won't be hard loving a person having gives you…

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  • 26.11.2009 2:36:30
  • Male (34)
  • Sirao
  • Single
  • Terence_Oliver_A._Sarchez
  • Terence_Oliver_A._Sarchez
  • Terence_Oliver_A._Sarchez

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