Personal details

Gender Male
Age 40
Status Single
Orientation Gay
Personality Funny
Identity Boi
Zodiac sign Leo

About me

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jUst DTe SiNge GUy LoOkiNg 4 fAMily & fRieNDs,
JuSt MoVeD 2 SyDNey LuVin It..
MiSs ALL mY FaMiLy BaCK HoMe...
sENd Me SuM Luv NEed SUm LOL..
ChECK oUt My PAge LeAve MEEEeeeh
Msg...SeNd MEE hUGs AVe FEw BEerZ
By DA wAy I'm GAy....LOL nOooo ShITe
BEinG TRuE 2 MYsELf Not LYKE SUm FAkE GuYs....
If U dOn'T LYKe DeN LeAVE...i DOn'T NeED
PEePz WHo JUDgE U......
I dOn'T HAVe ANy KiDs, WuLd LUv 2 In DA FuTUre
My NIEce'S WULd wHANGaI 2MEeeeh.....
VerY NEw 2 GAyS.cOm SOOOooo IF U kNow MEEeaH
HIt Me Up LEt ME kNoW....iF Ur IN oZ LeT MEh KNoW.....
OK PEEPz TAkeCAre LUv YA"s....
aUNTy TAKA LOL gives you…

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