Personal details

Gender Male
Age 25
Status Single
Height 178cm
Weight 89kg
Orientation Gay
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Long
Beard Mustache
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Nationality American
Body Hair Shaved
Zodiac sign Pisces
Smoker No
Tattoos No

About me

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l'm 17(hope u guys don't mind me being 1 year underage). l'm a total slut online but in real life l'm a bit self concious over my weight but since the weathers nice now l'm hoping to lose some weight.l'v never had sex with another person but l do love my dildo. l like almost any kind of music,l love anime and just about anything Japanese. l love to draw and want to be an anime artist,l love going out on my bike.l have no real life friends unless u count family. l have 5 online bfs but nothing too serious. l like my cousin Chris but l duno if there will ever be anything. l want someone l can be with physically and go places with but l;d like to get to know anyone l meet online a bit before l meet with them face to face.l perfer boys with little to no body hair,hairy guys=turn off. l suck at romance even when l try.l couldn't decide what to clasify myself for camp so l left it blank, l duno what to call my personality either and the religion list didn't have Christian.sorry no space left gives you…

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