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Gender Transwoman
Age 64
Status Single
Orientation Bisexual
Personality Intellectual
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

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My name is Karen Stidham - formaly Charles Stidham - well still legaly Charles But I now sign everything Karen/Charles Stidham - no matter how I am dress

I am from Baltimore MD. - I am a 53 yrs old, Bi sexuall, white Scotch/Irish/German and Blackfoot Indian MtF TRANSEXUALL STUCK in TRANSITION - LIKE'S, WOMEN Transexualls, Transvestites, Men AND I WANT TO BE A WOMAN

Need to wear wigs or get transplants - real red hair- blue eyes, wear glasses - 6'4" tall - size 15 women shoe - 345lbs - down from 460 - goal is 200lbs. Started swiming to reach that gold and get back my girlish figure

Took hormones for over 2 years - have a nice set of D cups,- out to everyone,in public & private life

I am a self employed Freelance artist and collecting Social Security

I have Arthrightes - I have my good and bad days - sometime I feel I don't need a can and other times the cane is the only thing that keep me standing - I belive this will get better as I lose more weight

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  • 29.06.2009 15:18:29
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