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Gender Female
Age 52
Status Single
Orientation Lesbian
Nationality Great Britain
Personality Intellectual
Zodiac sign Aquarius

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About me...mmmm...Im a international woman of mystery....Im undergoing the process of finding my self (where did i go ...oh there i am) via a spirtual path or is that a spiral path (answers on a post card please).
I`ve tried to put the world to right but it involves too much thinking...cant be doing with it.Things pretty much fall to bits when i touch them anyway. I love to cook when im not burning things. I love to dance when im not falling down. I love to paint when i have a blank canvas. I love to laugh till i wee my pants (trust me this happens). I hate to cry, it makes my eyes baggy. I hate PMT, makes other peoples eyes I hate things that dont work first time...stress. I hate not been able to find the remote...more stress...cant be doing with that either!!!! Love my kids and my extended family with a passion. Hate it when people use this site to abuse or slag off other people, live life thats what its there for. To everyone i know and to those i dont keep smilingxxxxxxx gives you…

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