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Why I choose to live alone!


It took me 50 years, 4 exes, a love of my life and innumerable mini-affairs to realize that I prefer, enjoy, need to live alone. I make/am a great friend, adviser, listener but as a life partner a dud. It could be I am too selfish, unwilling to compromise when it comes to ME, unable to sustain a physical relationship with one person or a million other reasons. And it's NOT that I haven't found the right person--I did in 1981 but it couldn't/didn't last.And when you don't make it with the love of your life you have to take a look at what is happening. Why do I like living alone and don't feel lonely? Let me tackle the latter first. I have 7 different, very close friends. If I want to go out to a movie or play, attend an event, spend time at the beach, share a joyful time, cry on someone's shoulder or just talk they are available. If I want to have a physical encounter I have a group of people to call upon. Now as to not being/feeling lonely: I have many interests such as reading and writing that take up a lot of my time and there are only 2 things I don't/won't do alone--have sex and eat out in a fine restaurant. Advantages of living alone: 1) I can come home and not have to worry about how the person I live with is feeling, what kind of mood they are in. 2) If I don't want the TV on it stays off. 3) I can watch what programs I want nor do I have to buy another TV to solve 'arguments'. 4) I have the whole bed to myself. 5) I do what I want when I want 6) I can eat, read or do anything else I want in bed without having to worry about annoying/disturbing someone. 7) I can eat what I want when I want. 8) I can get up or go to sleep when I want. 9) I can smoke, fart, pick my nose, scratch my butt (Oh, I know YOU don't do any of these things) use my fingers to eat (Oops! Maybe I should have listed this separately after the other things mentioned )) without any comments or put downs or silly laughs 10) I don't have to hide anything, including what i watch or put on the Internet. 11) Not having a person talk when I am watching and/or doing something when I prefer quiet. 12) I like to vacation, take trips alone, and stop/see where/what I want for as long as I want. 13) I can be sloppy or neat, clean after myself or not without 'nagging'. 14) I can be responsible for myself only and not for someone else. 15) I can have the a/c on or off--depending how I feel. 16) I can say and/or think "I" as much as I want. 17) I won't/don't do anything I don't want to do. 18) I can eat the whole cake, box of chocolates or cookies, bag of potato chips, etc. myself. (I told you I was selfish!) 19) If I run out of something it's my fault. 20) I don't have to lie--not even a 'white' lie. And the list can go on. The only advantage I can see to having a live in partner is that when you get old and/or sick someone can take care of you. Besides all I have seen or read about partners are the problems they had or are having. Plus I don't have to go through the heartache of a breakup ) I have never regretted the decision to live alone! (Oh yes I can take all the selfies I want and not be sneered at!


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