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<\3 - Love and Romance


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how is it that in a relationship i always let myself fall so deep
i give it my all but yet i still cant find no body thats right for me
christmas is not the best time of year for me thats why i really dont enjoy celebrating it i guess that it's just from all the heart breaks what is it about me because i dress like a dude or is it that i treat the girls i date like a flippin queen
im tired of all the heart breaks i want something real if your that real hmu


Your young Haley so you will have many opportunities along the way. But foremost be happy with you.
Find what makes you happy and sometimes the rest will follow. Don't take life so serious, don't do too much for someone I learned cause it ends up spoiling them and then they treat you like crap, but don't be heartless either. Sometimes we can smother the one we love and that can push them away too. Find a happy medium with someone who has goals and loves life.
Good Luck and may you find Peace in celebrating Jesus birth.

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