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Who are U 2say.... - Love and Romance

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I say Im beautiful....U ask With no make up??
I say Im smart...U ask With no College??
I say I love u...U ask How do u know what Love is??
I say I just got the best job ever...U ask With no experience??
I say I believe in God...U ask How when u neva seen him??
I say Im in love with a woman...U ask Is that normal??

So now I say to all who has come @me like dat....

Im beautiful cuz my beauty is skin deep and cant no make up match up with dat
Im smart cuz College dont make me smart...I make myself as smart as I wanna be
I got the best job ever cuz I applied 2 where I wanted and they called me and hired me knowing I have potential even without Exp
I say I love u cuz when U know that a tear can form within a millisecond for sum1 when their hurt,sad,lonely or going thru a struggle and want 2b there 4dem then guess what...dats called Love!!
I believe in God...I dont need 2c Him 2feel all dat He has kept me strong with!!
And being in love with a Woman is as normal as loving sum1 u Wanna spend da rest of ur Life with!!!


beautiful mind babe


ty Ma

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