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I have always been a flirt. I think the day I was born I winked at the doctor after he slapped my arse! There is just something fun about flirting no matter where it is and/or happens. Okay today flirting can be seen as sexual harassment and bring forward lawsuits but in most cases no harm is meant.
As much as I love sex--and I do--I love the chase more. I wasn’t shy and one of the most effective lines I had was when I saw someone in a bar I would walk over and say, “Excuse me but I have to tell you that you have one of the most sensuous faces I have ever seen,” and I would immediately walk away and not look back. Yes, it worked! In 99% of the cases they would come over to me, with a big smile on their face and start a conversation which would eventually end up with “Your place or mine?”
I had thought by the time I hit my 70s that would be over--the sex and/or the flirting--but it isn’t. By now most people here at Gateway know I’m a flirt and really don’t mean anything by it but they also know being flirted with at any age can be fun and bring a smile to the face of the one being flirted with and what‘s wrong with that?
Over the years there have been times that flirting got my into trouble or situations that I didn’t want to be such as flirting with a woman and their expecting, rightfully so, that it would wind up to be a romantic thing. Or a guy would wonder why a gay man was flirting with him which he felt undermined his masculinity and I would have to explain to him that he should feel complimented that another man thought he was attractive enough to be flirted with!
The dictionary defines flirting as ‘to act amorously without serious intentions’ and I don’t completely buy into that as sometimes I did have serious intentions though mostly I did it for fun!
At 78 I am still a flirt and if you call me on it I will deliver but just knowing I put a smile on your face, just to have you think someone can still be interested in you, makes me feel good.
Just want you to know if you flirt with me you better get ready to put up or shut up! :O)

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