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Starting from the top left:
Chuck and Terry who got married in Maryland last year because Tennessee doesn’t allow same gender marriages.
Ray and AJ who got married in Rhode Island, where they live, last year as soon as it was made legal for same sex marriage.
Michael and Alfredo got married in New Hampshire , where they live, last year when it became legal for them to do so.
Peter and Hans live in Australia where same sex marriage is not legal even though they have been together 40 years.
All have long time commitments but now at least the first 3 couples are on the way to, maybe, getting all the rights that opposite sex couples have when they get married. I say maybe because right now none of them have any federal rights and not too many State rights.
I personally don’t want to get married--even when I was with the love of my life it never entered my mind. It took me 4 exes to realize that I don’t want to be a couple! I don’t want to compromise! I am too selfish to be married or in a full commitment.
Though it is not for me I get a lot of joy when I look at these 4 couples and the love and life they share.
Now I need Donna and Sue, Nina and Jean, Mary and Dana and all you other couples to send me pictures so I can put you up on my new “Couples Wall”!

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