Gay Geminis are born between May 21st and June 21st. These fiercely intelligent and freedom-loving guys are symbolised by identical twins. Which gives the sign its duality. Daring and devilish, Geminis make great lovers. Just as long as you never bore them. Check out our love horoscope to see if you have Gemini compatibility.


  Gemini season begins at the end of May and lasts until the end of June - how did you spend your special season? And how is your astrological destiny treating you off-season? 


This is what the gay Gemini is like

To understand a Gemini’s love horoscope look at the sign itself. A pair of twins standing together. Identical male twins to be precise. Castor was the mortal son of King Tyndareus. While Pollux was the immortal son of Zeus. Born from the same egg. But contradictory. And often in conflict with one another. This means a Gemini tends to flutter from one personality to the other. Sometimes within the space of minutes.

The planetary ruler of Gemini is Mercury. The planet of travel and communication. Imagine a Gay Gemini as a butterfly. Moving about restlessly. Forever inquiring and imaginative. Always busy. Yearning for diversity and variety. In everything. These guys are serious thinkers. Those born under this love horoscope are analytical, creative and enviably clever.

Geminis relish learning about new places and people. Moreover, they do so with awe-inspiring passion and rapier-sharp wit. This makes Geminis exceptionally alluring. But also indecisive, impatient and impulsive. Even fickle. Infuriatingly so, if you’re more risk-averse and set in your ways. 

Are you shy and retiring? If so, you’re unlikely to have Zodiac compatibility with Geminis. These men are in their element socially. And are frequently extroverts. They’re stimulated by great conversation, humour and ideas. And have plenty of strong opinions. Brave is the man who enters into an argument with a Gemini.

All of this makes gay Geminis are extraordinarily popular. People flock to them. Because they’re never dull. They pull people to them. Particularly at dinner parties. And on the dance floor. They’re frenetic forces of energy jet-setting from one gay circuit extravaganza to another. But be careful what you confide in them. Because these chatterboxes can be outrageous gossips. 

The Gemini love horoscope

To successfully navigate this love horoscope look at how Geminis approach life. They’re problem solvers. With often formidable intellects. This means that they're driven by their thoughts rather than emotions

And this can be tricky if you’re the sort of guy who gets over-emotional. Overt displays of emotion do not equal Gemini compatibility. Turn on the tears and he’ll probably run to the hills. And whatever you do, don’t get needy. Clinginess is likely to bring out the chillier side of a Gemini. And you don’t want to experience that.

Being in sync mentally is crucial to Gemini compatibility. And this means cultivating a willingness to look at the world with curiosity. To live in the moment. To hold forth on countless subjects. To explore. To break the rules. And reject routine. Just like he does. 

Long-term partnerships can be tricky with this love horoscope. Geminis can be commitment phobes. And may find it hard to fall in love. To express their deepest, most private feelings. Remember, they’re flighty by nature. However, if a gay Gemini falls for you, he’ll fall hard. He’ll be passionate. And fiercely loyal. And happily take you along on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime. 


Strong Zodiac compatibility with Geminis:

️ Aquarius - Embraces Gemini's overwhelming need for freedom 🕊

️ Aries - Adventurous and challening 😍

️ Libra - Extroverted social animals ❤️

Diese Sternzeichen passen nicht zum schwulen Löwen:

️️ Cancer - Far too emotionally orientated for intellectual Gemini 🙄

️️ Capricorn - Conservative man clashes with playful, rule-breaker 🤷‍♂️



The Gemini sex horoscope 

Got your eyes on a gorgeous Gemini? Does he seem impervious to your charms? As with other signs ruled by air, a gay Gemini oozes cerebral sexuality. This means that he’s going to be more interested in the dimensions of your brain than your schlong. 

Possessing an exquisitely muscled body and dastardly dong alone isn’t going to be enough to capture and captivate a Gemini. To master Gemini compatibility focus on some feisty conversation and debate instead. Talk them into the sheets. 

But upping your game intellectually will yield mind-blowing sexual dividends. A gay Gemini is deliciously playful and adventurous in the boudoir. Forget the missionary position. You’re in for anal acrobatics that defy the laws of gravity. And certainly decency!

Boundary-pushing is everything with a Gemini’s love horoscope. They challenge themselves to push their sexual limits. And to win Zodiac compatibility you’ll have to keep up. So get bold and brave. And brace yourself for some never-seen-before toys. And kinktasic capers.

Yes, gay Gemini’s are rampant rogues when it comes to jumping the old bones. And they couple this with supreme sexual banter. A superior kind of dirty talk. And if you can match this, a Gemini will ensure you’re always surprised and satisfied sexually. These guys are usually generous lovers. Who enjoy prioritising your sexual pleasure over their own. Better yet, they’re infrequently possessive or jealous.

However, be warned. Gay Geminis have a deserved reputation as cheaters. Lose their attention at your peril. Once their mind starts to wander, so does their wondrous wanger.


What are your experiences dating a gay Gemini? Was it great or ghastly? Let us know by commenting below.




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