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Love - Love and Romance

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How is that you can love one person but you do things to them that cause them to go away. And while their gone all you can do is miss them and it stops you from getting with anyone else because you just want them back. When their your first love its so hard to let go and move on I will always love and miss her but I know if we did get back together it will never be the same and their will always be some hate behind the love. Humm and all I can think of is wanting to love someone and be there for them but how do you find true love with all this sex and lies in the way. I am starting to feel as if I am loosing faith in love... And should you ever really try to fall in love again? My first love was amazing what if nothing amounts up to it? Should I currupt my love with more experiences or should I just be and say atleast I have had love and be satisfied when lots of ppl never get to have true love.....


I think people have the capability of falling in love with more then one person. I think it might be best to be on your own until you are sure you want to move on or are ready too. There is no point being in a relationship if you are not ready as that will cause heartbreak later on. But don't expect to fall in love straight away. It might take years and you might find it when you are not looking. Maybe you need some fun, casual dating. Add to postive experiences. I hope you do find someone. And you learn from every relationship so you won't make the same mistakes again. But love does exist and you will find it.


i think time heals all..so give yourself the time you need to really get yourself together . and never lose faith in love ! it comes in all forms , there will be no other love like your first but don't be scared to give other ppl a chance you never know whats out there you might find someone great! someone who will show you a whole new way of loving ! so give yourself some time and then get back out there ! have some fun!


now its time you get to give yourself love , it's like getting to know u all over again, without that love from another. you will and shall heal but actually being in love is a beautiful thing but the pain that comes with it cuts even deeper so it seems, like u said some have never experience whats it like to be loved and in love @ the same time, that's a blessing i say get to know u and then and only then will you be amazed at your strength best of luck