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I've Waited For This Moment! - Love and Romance

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Finally this year is coming to an end, I have learn alot about myself doing the single life to the max! What I learn the most is what I've been searching for has been with me along this ride the whole time! It took a crazy girl(some of you guys know who I am talking about!) for me to realize what I wanted was in my face the whole time!
Now I admit I done my fair share of playing around but never gotten serious with anyone that I had dated, it was always one after another but now its all over I'm done with that! Some were good, some were bad and some was just YICKS and one was "OH HELL NO!"
I learned from each and everyone of them and come to the conclusion that the dating game is giant battlefield lol and I don't want to do this forever! This is my time I feel it, i'm going to reclaim whats mines and let her know how I truly feel about us! What can I say i know im just a one person girl and settling down and raising a family sounds nice and I finally understand more clearly about how things goes in the world.
So 2010 imma make a big change in my life I know alot of family and friends will be happy to hear me say that cause for awhile I though that this is it I'm just going to be a girl with alot of "friends". I've grown and still growing but now I'm more focus on what I really want and that is to tell her that im not going anywhere. This is the year im going to pop the question, so wish me luck! I fought this for so long but its inevitable my heart stills beat for her after all these years!
The heart wins imma go get it then!

My New Year Resolution: Make things right for the both of us
Romeo wishing you a positive new year
Peace, Love, Smiles


Yay congrats Romeo! Go and get her! whoo! i cheer you on! happy new year!

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