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Why is it next to impossible for a while male bottom find a mature gay black master?


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Recently I turned 56 and people say I look younger  Now when I was a wild young man I was a sexual toy for Me Thom  A well built black man with a 12 inch beautiful cut cock . I didn't live at his place but I did spend most of my time either there or with Mr Thom getting fucked whenever he said.I was in heaven, getting all the black cock I could want He had more than a few friends.Now back to the present,I read about all the black guys who are doing this or that with white guys   .But they are nowhere to be found.I know what I can do and I Know, regardless with the entire world acting stupid that the sexual desires iof everyone have not died.What is a mystery to me is,why are we arguing and fighting each other when we should be loving and lust ing each other.

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