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what i have to do.. - Looking for LOVE!!!


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I have just read your comment you are a young guy and have a long time to find your Mr Right you dont know me we are thousands of miles apart I live in England I once felt like you do right now and did so for many years.
I lost my partner we where together for many years and he died from Luekemia I gave up on ever finding love again and swore to myself that I would never let myself fall in love again because of the *** of losing my partner.
Well to cut a long story short I met someone on line and we have been chatting for a long time about 2 years to be honest, over the last few months we have bonded and are very close and it has led to us both loving each other. dont rush my friend like I said Mr Right is out there somwhere and you will meet him, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever find the happiness in my heart again but I have and the same thing has happened to him
Dont give up on finding a partner just try and be yourself he will come along sometime and you will know when it does
Good luck



I agree completely with Paul. I have been there. I even had a bout of deep depression. However, life went on and now I am completely in love with a man whom I met 23 years ago and things are going very well. I'd say that I found Mr. Right! You will as well!

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