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Too young for love. - Love and Romance

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Lately it's been really hard for me to meet people, it is either I am not old enough (18) or I am not "fit" enough... Why can't I find someone who wants me for me?
Everyone keeps telling me oh you are young you have time, but is that really true. If it is this hard now then how much harder will it be in the future? This is very deep and depressing and I am sorry but this is how I feel at the moment and I have every right to feel this way,
I let people into the deepest part of me only to be turned away, it hurts and so many times like now all I want to do is give up.
am I too young to love?
or is it that I am unlovable?
maybe I am not ment to find anyone, most girls like girls who are confident but how can I be when they are the reason fo me being the way I am. I wish we didn't pick each other apart like we do... being girls we know each other too well our words not only hurt but they find there way to the core to someone and they leave marks deep wonds, it shouldn't be like this but we are female.
guess this has gone on far enough.
maybe its just time I give up.


Girl, hang in there. I know how it can be. I didn't have my first gf till I was 18. I can't tell you that as you get older that it will get easier, but you will be wiser. You'll learn when someone is being real with you, or when someone is just playing you. I've dated quite a few different types of women that all like different things. I mean I'm Latino so no matter how fit I am I will always have curves, and you will find women that appreciate those curves. I've been where you are, and with time it does get easier. And if your looking for confidence, it doesn't come from the way people feel about you, though it helps at times. Confidence comes from being happy with who you are. No matter what your flaws are, you love and appreciate them because they make you who you are, once you learn to love yourself your confidence will shine through. Loving yourself is the ultimate happiness, and happiness gives you confidence. So, confidence does make a women more attractive because she is comfortable with herself. And if someone can't appreciate you for who you are then they don't deserve you. So hang in there girl, have patience, it will come in time and when you least expect it.


No one is ever to young to experience what they call "love".....The only thing that changes is how they respond to it when it comes and when it leaves. As you get older your response to love should go with your age. Love is love though....it feels good and it hurts like hell.....I agree, when you have a person that loves you unconditionally, that person accepts you and builds your confidence. When the relationship goes in a different direction that love shouldn't begin to tear you down, it should change to where you both can continue to be healthy, be it together or apart.

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