Personal details

Gender Male
Age 30
Status Single
Body shape Chubby
Orientation Gay
Eye colour Hazel
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Short
Beard Clean Stubble
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Nationality American
Personality Intellectual
Religion Agnostic
Identity Just me
How out Totally out
Zodiac sign Cancer
Glasses Yes
Smoker Socially
Tattoos No
Piercings No

About me

Interested in:

I’m looking for:

  • Chat
  • Friendship
  • One Night Stand / Ho
  • Friends with Benefit
  • Love
  • Dating
  • New Experiences
  • Other


Honestly... Have people lost the art of conversation? Just because someone says hi doesn't mean they want to jump your bones. I try to respond to all messages because you never know who may stimulate your mind with witty banter.
I am me and that is All I can be. Don't think you can change that

So... that statement was a little... bold yet vague I guess. I mean, I am me... but to be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure I know who that is. I have a pretty good idea of who that is, but there's still some parts I'm figuring out. I guess the best way to do this then would to be so who I have figured out I am and am not. If you didn't already figure it out, I hate writing these things.


Kind and caring, i truly care about how other people are doing. If i message you and ask how are you? Then feel free to tell me just how you're doing, it's not just small talk
I I Am strong. I have been through enough in my life to know that. If i wasn't strong, i wouldn't be here right now.
I am HONEST and TO THE POINT. I don't waste words trying to dance around the subject if i have something to say.
I am guarded, i have a hard time opening up to people, but I'm working on that.
I am Loyal. Once I consider you a true friend, i'll move heaven and earth for you, but there's few people who I have let get that close.
I am still growing and learning, eternally evolving. I believe that we never stop changing, because technically, even after we die we keep changing into decomposed remnants, then base components that we are made of, which then get used again as something completely different.

I am not a flamer, a femme, a sissy, a daddy, a jock, a masculine buff bod.. basically, i'm a bit of both. I exhibit features of both the masculine and the feminine and that's quite alright. It's called androgyny, look it up.
I am not a doormat. Just because I truly care about people doesn't mean I let them take advantage of me. I'm too smart for that.
I am NOT easily fooled. I can tell quite quickly if someone's story isn't adding up right, and my bull shit detector is finely tuned.
I am NOT a raging slut. Just because I say hey to you doesn't mean I necessarily just wanna see you naked or ride your dick... sometimes I am just looking for good conversation.
I am NOT conventional, i have an off beat sense of the world, and my humor reflects it... if i offend or cross a line, feel free to tell me, because otherwise, I might not realize it.
I am NOT easily offended. Trust me, I'm usually the FIRST one to make jokes about myself, it makes life easier.
I am not a top... never have been,and I have no interest in it either. Not saying the right guy couldn't make me try, but if it's a hook up, i'm the bottom.
I am not perfect, but who is?

On a side note, I like to read, write, draw poorly, think, and talk. I love intelligent, stimulating conversation. I have a knowledge fetish. If you can teach me something I didn't already know, then you definitely have my attention. It doesn't matter what, it can be about anything, I just love to KNOW things. I'm also open to all the experiences and sensations this world has to offer, and I am not afraid to explore. If you wanna know if i'm into something in particular, just ask, I won't bite your head off for it. However, with that, you have to be respectful. I live my life by a simple concept of mutual respect, as well as the goal to be a good person and do good things. Also, at heart, i'm a true southern gentleman... i still open doors for ladies and take my hat off inside. I believe there was a sense of romance and dignity to the old code, and I try to keep that in my spirit.

Also, for all those out there with a similar interest, I am into the kink/fetish scene. I particularly like BDSM and more specifically the D/s aspect. The dynamic of the power exchange is fascinating. I can sit for hours discussing and pondering the whole theory and philosophy behind it.

Anyways, that's me. If i seem like someone you might could enjoy a conversation with, then by all means, say hi. If you don't think we'd have much to talk about, well then I wish you the best in all your attempts.


Just ask and I might wow you. I'm crazy. gives you…

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