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you allow your wall to come down for what? It seems as if it will always be built right back up. You try to love and you try to allow love in for what? It seems when we do...we are left broken hearted or end up in a bad relationship. Friends seem to be the only answer to go. You don't have to change who you are because they accept you, the REAL you. You have a lot in common, thus the reason for the "friendship." If/when an argument takes place both get over it and discuss it and move on. The only difference for me is; I am not attracted to "friends" nor will I sleep with/have sex with or marry them...


i agree. friends are friends for a reason. they truly DO accept you for who you are. you don't have to always be on your best behavoir. when you need someone to just listen and not judge, TRUE friends are always there and vice versa.
when you have your heart broken repeatedly, the wall goes up so high that when that right person finally DOES come along, it takes years for it to come down, no matter how much you try and no matter how much you love that person. and when you have your heart broken by that woman that promises/promised to be honest, truthful and faithful?! hell/ it just hurts like hell.


Hey I know how you feel. I just got out of a 9 yr relationship because she thought i was gonna hit her kid for calling me a Bitch in my own HOME.. Yeah she is a rotten 14 yr old and kept up with the attitude and getting in trouble at school for her cussing and stuff. Tried to talk to her mother bout it and to put a stop to it soon or she will get in bigger trouble. But she just blew it off. Plus she is ADHD the child is. Her mom bipolar as hell too. I went through hell and back for this woman with her damn disfunctional kids and her and I get punched in the face for trying to get to her daughter and set her straight on her mouth and attitude because she thought i was gonna hit her. i told her I wouldn't I am not the hitter. but she sure felt free to hit my daughter about the head with her fists for not wanting her to know she had a credit card which was none of her business anyway. She was 18 and going to college. So why go there. She cheated on me many times through the yrs too that I freakin forgave and for what? I thought it was going okay but then she had a journal she only wrote bad things in about me too. So what do you do....? You just let it go. Move on and forget it. I am doing that too. I can't deal with her crap any longer.


totally agree ashley