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Best Friend Crush - Love and Romance

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ok, so i need some help here. i have this huge crush on one of my best friends. she has equally huge crushes on two girls she barely even knows (yes, she is a lesbian). i am pretty sure she sees me as a friend, and only a friend. i want to get this off my chest, but i am afraid that it will ruin our friendship. she has been my best friend forever, and i can't lose her because i told her i love her. any advice?


this happened to me i fell in love with my best friend and i still am but, i equally did not want to ruin our friend ship so i told her that i needed to talk to her about something really important and personal. so, she said ok and we talked and i slowly got into the topic, i told her that she means the world to me and with out her a part of me would be gone, i think about her all the time and i would do anything for her. she said she understood and i told her that i just want her to know and that i want us to still be FRIENDS nothing more and she understood and now were on the same page


well then you know her tastes. ARe her tastes similar to what you are? If not then she may not feel the same way. We all have different tastes. I think if she really liked you more than a friend she would have already told you. Just a thought!
Or maybe ask her what she sees in you and what type of person does she think would be attracted to you.