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I Dream - Love and Romance

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I Dream

I dream of you,
Your lips pressed to mine,
The taste of your kiss,
Is far sweeter then wine.

The touch of your hands,
My heart starts to flutter,
The look in your eyes,
Makes me melt like butter.

The smell of your skin,
It seduces my senses,
The feel of your body,
Down come all my fences.

My passion is rising,
I'm losing all controle,
You hold me so close,
Our hearts beat as one soul.

Your fingers caress me,
I feel the heat,
Our body's entwined,
Im light on my feet.

My river flowing,
My dam aches to break,
And as I cry out in pleasure,
I open my eyes and awake.


That's a beautiful poem Tami...your a good writer!~~


that was great and very poetic. Keep writing!


Thank you very much. I love righting. I am trying to get some of my work published. I find it hard to talk to people sometimes because of my trust issues. I have found that it much easier to write my feelings out on paper. I now have diaries that are full dating all the way back to 1990. I love writing. I write a lot of poems (up to 60 of them now), songs (25 0f them now), and short stories (15 of them).

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