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Happy - Happier ... so nice! - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Happy even being alone but more happier when someone is in beside you.
When you're alone you can do whatever you want, buy all things you want, eat all food you like and go wherever you want but it would be better if you have special someone that you can share all the happiness in life.

So nice when someone wake up you and prepared breakfast. So happy when someone giggle, tickle, kiss, hug and care you. So nice to see when you're ups and down there is someone who's always behind you to give a moral support.

So nice to have a partner, a partner whose willing to give all love no more no less. A partner who respect you so much. A partner that will be forever til death.

How I wish I could have a partner who's like that! :'(

Will it give to me or not? Let's see what will be happen.

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