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Bisexuals - Love and Romance

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goldstar lesbian here.
definitely couldnt date a bisexual.
knowing they love that, in and around their mouth lol.
sorry friends say that all the time.

but yeah.. ive never been with a guy.. never wanted to.
so i wouldnt be able to handle a girl who likes what i highly dislike.

personal opinion.
I personally have dated a bisexual.. and that bothered me so much.
couldnt do it.

i guess they could have a serious relationship with a girl..
but i unno for some reason i just cant see that being 100% true.


Wow so some of you don't care for bi's and bi's don't care to be invisible to the community. You knw what i don't give a fuck cuz can no one tell me what's in my heart have discussion on the issue all you want on how you won't date bi's and crap in the end its still me and my girl and whateva haters gonna hate regardless. Its a shame too all in the Love and Romance Section where's the fuckin love? Gettin all PC and shit if you wanna deal with jus women only fine, if you wanna deal with both that's still fine by me. I don't give a damn who you go to bed with don't have nothing to do with me or my relationship. I got my special someone so its like who cares what the public thinks! Get , focus on urself and not what others are doing cuz you can't live their lives and they can't live urs. We're all ladies here with different views don't down the other cuz her view is different from urs.
Keep the Love learn to understand one another
Even though some might disagree with my lifestyle i would still be the bigger person and smile and still tell you hi

Peace,Love, and Smiles
Sammie aka Romeo's Girl


i dont think people are disagreeing with your lifestyle.
i just think their stating that it isnt for them.. ?
im pretty sure no one is hating on bis, just explaining their experiences with them, and why they PERSONALLY wouldnt date them?


ok i had to comment on this i was not going to because of obvious reasons but i dated bi women for a long ass time and i can understand why some girls dont trust bi women and why bi women try to defend their selfs in the end it is just another judgement thing but it also comes down to so many lez women having bad expreiences with bi women that it starts to come routine now me personally i love bi women its just MOST NOT ALL are bullshitters seriously now sammie parson shes not shes real i know two girls like that and i dated a lot of bi women lol now i'm not saying u cant have a bad experience with a lez girl hell that most deff possible hell i'll admit it i can be an asshole but anyway back to the point the scare of bi women cheating on u with a guy or the boyfriend worry she'll cheat on him with a girl it all has to do with ego n pride
but on the other hand i can understand that i cant compete with a guy and a guy cant compete with a girl i mean how can u? me and my friend was put in a situation like that and to us that was unfair i mean i cant compete with him and he cant compete with me its not like i can go up and fight him and he can fight me for him that would end up bad on his record because hello hes hitting a girl! and we both werent cool with that shit so we was like fuck u u aint worth it
now would i date another bi yes in a heart beat because hey a girl is a girl pussy is pussy is it not lol
but i agree with sam kennedy everyone is just saying their experiences with bi women not hating on them just saying why they cant do it anymore


There is always going to be people out there who don't like what others do, are, believe in, look like. Its called being Prejudice. That will never go away. I am Bi and married to a man. I have lost friends and family do to coming out as Bi. I am sure that women can hurt others just as much as men do. We all all human. We all make mistakes in life.


Would you had married a women is she were the one you love insted of your husband ?


Yes, I would have and still would marry a woman if she was the right one. I don't really care anymore what my family and friends don't like how I feel and what I do. I have always lived my life trying to make others happy. I'm sick of it. I need to be myself and make me happy. I am more attracted to woman. I think the older I get, the stronger my longing for a woman in my life gets.


To the lesbians who think they "don't have something that men have," (therefore cannot compete with them for a bisexual woman), I would like to reassure you.

Dildos and strap-ons can go a long way. And, whether or not it is "natural" (real), doesn't actually matter. Men's dicks can't vibrate! And oh my I wish they did, haha. So that's a one-up for you. Also, there are actually some great models out there that can be very realistic (although, even though I'm bi, I definitely don't want a dildo that looks like the real thing! ew. But clearly some girls out there do. I don't know why the idea of a dildo that actually looks like the real thing grosses me out so much, but anyways). You also have the capability to take the stap-on off. You quite literally are capable of giving us the best of both worlds, and even beyond that, if you like your girl wearing the stap-on, we get to play in another role...you are capable of giving us the best of both worlds squared! lol. In conclusion, if a bi girl is with a man, 1) he only has one thing, and doesn't have an option to "switch-up" what he's got, 2) as for the bi girl's role, we are also limited in how we are able to behave 3) no matter how many vibrating rings he wears, they will never hit the g-spot like a dildo can. Ya dig?

Hope you thought that was both at least a little entertaining or amusing but also saw it as a sincere reflection.


. . . Every time you write something, Christine, I like you more than I did before. Just saying. Although I'd thought about that before, I didn't know that the *ahem* rings couldn't hit the g-spot. That. . . Kinda sucks for him.

Thank you for the input. I hope a lot more girls out there feel a bit more confident. . . In the bed room.

That's just referring to pleasure. Even though for some of us (like me) who don't want children, other women do, and that's something that we cannot give another woman without some kind of artificial help or something of that nature, to produce offspring. Ya know, naturally; I'm not talking about adoption. Just saying.


haha why thank you, Ashlynn, that is very sweet of you.

I believe the vibrating ring rests on the lower shaft of the penis, so when a woman is being penetrated, the ring just presses up against the clitoris for the short moment the penis is inserted all the way. That's it! Lame... And sorry for being graphic, but I think it was necessary.

I hope a lot more girls feel more confident in the bedroom too. As for the emotional aspect, I feel like women should have already felt more confident, because everyone knows that a woman is more likely to notice when another women is hurt, crying, or if something is wrong. Most men (of course not all) are not able to as easily read a woman's face in that way. Also, women tend to be more comfortable being open to other women, as we tend to have more similar experiences and also, it is not taboo for women to be open about their feelings, as it is for men.

I feel like bisexual women should be more open when it comes to children (I'm not saying that they are, nor can they be expected to be more open inherently, but at least culturally they should be more open with how they will have their children if they plan to). I personally don't know who I'm going to fall in love with (gender-wise, or person-wise for that matter), whether it be a man, woman, trans man, or trans woman, etc. so I am personally mentally and emotionally prepared to do whatever it takes (because I do want to have children one day). I also feel like bisexual women should realize that love is love (since they are capable of loving someone regardless of their gender), so why would it matter if their child is biological theirs or not? or if it is "naturally" done or not? If love is love in one scenario, why shouldn't love be love in all other scenarios? I've personally always pictured myself doing a combo of adoption and having children myself. Thought about how I would if I weren't with a biological male, would I ask for sperm from a good male friend? do the anonymous sperm donation thing? etc. If a gay woman is with a bisexual woman, and you both plan on having children, I think that this is a very important conversation to have! You need to know if the bisexual woman is willing to adopt children or if they have any preferences for how they will have (or not have) children. I do not think that bringing up the topic of children is inappropriate if the couple has not gotten super serious or anything, because you shouldn't waste your time on someone who doesn't want children (if you do), who refuses to adopt if that is your preference, or who refuses to do artificial insemination if that's your preference, etc.


Certainly not a problem, Christina. I disagree that it was "sweet" though. I'm merely being honest. But yet again, the above *first* comment of my previous post still stands, if it matters any.

Ohhhh. Eew. I get it, but eew. Lol. Had the graphic description not been provided, I don't think I would have understood that paragraph, so. . . No one "hate" on it, please.

Emotionally? Oh, definitely. That's a given. Females are more empathic than males; why lie? Unless a woman is an expert at hiding her emotions, another female is sure to pick up on it eventually, if not instantly. I agree on that aspect.

About the children topic, though, is slightly different. I completely agree with you, I do, but again it falls under the "something he has and I don't" category, if that makes any sense. I was using it as an example. It's. . . Sort of part of the reason the girl I loved so much no longer wanted to be with me. She wanted children naturally, and that was something that I could not give her, unless I helped with the artificial process. *Ahem* I'm young, and currently, I don't want any children. I don't even want to think about them at this point in time. However, that doesn't mean that I won't consider being with someone who thinks differently. If my partner wants children, then we will find a way and come to a conclusion on the matter. No matter how early, or late, in the relationship it may be, the child factor should in no way be left as a constant enigma between either partner.

As they say, "love will find a way".


i didn't take the time to actually read all these comments, sorry, but i do think that bisexuals can have a relationship with a gay woman. they just really have to be into it and not do it for the attention or whatever.


Well, bisexual or not, to have a relationship, serious one, anyone would at less need to be into it you know..

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omg my aunt is bisexual and shes a whore straight up u think i wouldnt like bisexuals because of my damn aunt i mean just the way she talks and speaks like she said i always knew i was gonna end up with a man the girls were just for fun i dont want my child around stuff like that gay men are faggots they are not real men and i'm just sitting there looking at her like what?? like she called ne-yo, usher u know stars who dance and she said they were gay beacause they can dance and dont do the two step real men do two step? and i'm like really she has gay male friends! and she doesnt think they are real men i dont think she has ANY IDEA WHAT A REAL MAN OR A REAL WOMAN IS she is sooo freaking annoying the way she speaks is just ignorant i mean growing up with a bisexual woman like that was freaking toture luckly i didnt like anyone else posion my mind with such ignorant knowledge and words. SHE IS A VERY BAD INFLUNCE ON BISEXUALS BECAUSE MOST WOMEN THAT DATE NEVER DATE BI's again this is just an example of a *** gay men and women have a *** of them already making up their minds of who they gonna be with in the end also that its a big question mark many gay male and female feel some sort of jealously because U can go back and forth and that somehow u give many hetro or religous some glem of hope that yeah she can be with a guy and not a girl?

but dont get me wrong i love my bisexual women but i'm telling u what other gay male and female think and what i have discuss with some people
love to hear u guys comments!


Haha.. Bisexuals are stingy bastards.. They think they can have it all.. Oh no honey.. they can't. XD


As I have always said, gays and Bis are fighting for the right to have rights like all the rest of the world. We don't like it when people fight against us and don't want to except us. We need to except others as much as we want them to except us. I am Bi and I don't like it when people talk bad about my sexual likes. You may have had a bad time with a Bi person, but don't judge the rest of us like that. We can't have it all. We have to decide what we want just like everyone else.


yes that the point i'm trying to make kinda on both sides i feel u shouldnt judge a bi because u had a bad experience with a couple not all people are the same or like that thats like groups a bunch of red necks or blacks u know?


Agreed, not all bisexuals are the same. I'm bisexual and I've been with my girl for two years next month. I've never felt this way about any other guy or girl I've been with and you couldn't give me anything to leave her. See, don't judge a book by it's cover. There are so,e TRUE bisexuals out there and not just attention getters.


Lmao to the deleted user comments that jus stupid and media influence talk right there. Have some actually proof and maybe you don't have to delete your comments next time lol! LOL they act like were cancer of the LGBT community come on its bad enough i got to hear this from my own community.
You love it if its like you but hate it if its not, sounds familar?


as a bisexual i find it hard to be with a straight man or a lesbian women. i always feel like which ever i'm with i have to be gay or straight not bi. the last guy i dated hated it if i said "woah she's hot" or "i'd love to fuck her" etc and visa versa. and the only bi women i've dated was the worst, she was a fake bi, for attention, and that killed! honestly i wish i was one or the other. i frigging hate being bi and everything that goes along with it.


I honestly feel that the comment was really un-called for. Bisexuals are excepted in the gay community and it's not fair if everyone goes along and judges them. If we want straght people to stop bashing us and have us seen as equal what gives you the right to bash and judge bisexuas? I feel as if bisexuals shouldn't be with 2 genders at once cause I feel as if it's cheating in a way but hey it's whatever makes them happy. Who am I to judge a person who wants to live their life and be happy. It shouldn't matter what a person does in their life cause it isn't yours. I use to be bisexual since I was young and turned into a lesiban once I knew what my sexuality really was and who I really was. Dont judge and go bashing on people just cause bisexuals want to live a life thats different from yours.


Kassandra, I'm never with two people at once. it's if i'm watching a film or see someone very attractive etc. I believe full heartedly in monogamy.

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Okay I'm a lesbian

and about the bi's yes I agree we are way to mean to you guys we do prejudge you, but for me I love LGBT's all of them oh and GSA ha

But I'm sorry a lot of lesbians don't trust Bisexuals its more a women thing Sociology and Body Language class Women don't like to share things. Women are not that open of the idea of a bi girl or guy but Men are more open to the idea.

but it just the trust you have to earn with the one you love
it has nothing to do you sexual orientation because LGBT or straight you will see people cheating and not trusting and sleeping with everyone.

But of course there is amazing people that you will find for a friend or lover
I always say to my best friend Cody (Gay but 95 to 5 Bi ) most amazing guy ever I tell him if we found each other we will find an amazing person like me and you

But for me I love Women doesn't matter what you are and Women are so amazing.


but I could not image how it to come out as an Bisexual. I mean its hard for gays but if I was bi my mom would be more pissed she would why cant you just like guys because my cousin is a bisexual and my mom told me when I came out that I was going throw a fase but I'm like mom no I never liked guys mom I like girls thats all girls I know sense I was 4 I told her .
ya she dont believe you can like both but she is trying to understand ugh its hard she like are you sure?
I hate that line ugh ya I just came out like in november 2009 :P but its good Its awesome how much people can care or hate you for who you like.

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