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the name's Jessy (4 those who don't know meh yet); i just broke up w/ mah rather negligent bf & considering i didn't even shed a tear, i think im ready 2 move on; i would prefer some1 close by who can come 2 meh coz since im a diabetic & ive had maybe 10 2 many black-out episodes the state of VA won't let meh drive; id like some1 who'll b there w/ meh thru everything i go thru, including mood swings (personally i think im a touch bit bipolar, but mah 'rents won't take meh 2 b tested by an MD); as Marilyn Monroe once said, "I'm selfish, impatient, & a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you suree as hell don't deserve me at my best," only w/out the "selfish" & "out of control" bits. im extremely protective 2 those i luv; i once commented on 1 of Jeffree Star's videos sayin that i woulda tracked down the guy who'd called him a faggot & cut his balls off, makin sure 2 put that i actually most likely wouldn't do that but woulda beat him up (& ive never even met Jeffree!) if the 1 4 meh reads this & decides 2 gimme a try, i promise 2 watch ur back; u let me know when some1 insults u & ill try mah hardest 2 make u feel better. imm a good listener (mah Sociology teacher mah Junior year of high school said i should think about becomin a psychiatrist, something i really would like 2 do), so just tell meh ur problems & ill try 2 talk u thru everything.
i have a song & color 4 just about every mood ive been n, including black/"Don't Jump/Spring Nicht" by Tokio Hotel 4 mah rather ... suicidal, no1 understands meh moments & pink/"Ooh Ooh Baby" by Britney Spears 4 mah flirty moments.
u don't have 2 b perfect; just promise ull always b there. that's all im lookin 4.
soooooo...if any1's interested, hit meh up! u can email meh ([email protected]; [email protected]) or msg/comment on mah profile.

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