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i need some help!!!! - Love and Romance

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ok so i got this huge problem and idk wat to do! k it goes like this.... my x and i broke up and somehow she still feels the need to kiss me whenever she wants! dude, believe it or not, that really fucks w my head! idk wat she wants or wuz up. I mean, i use to be flattered because i thought maybe there was a chance we could hook back up but now im not so sure. she said i need to regain her trust. that i need to prove to her how real i am and that maybe one day we will hook back up but shes not sure! ummm idk about u but dat just sounds kinda fucked up to me, wat am i? ur lost puppy tp follow u around, to beg for ur time? Hell NAw!!!! Furthermore, she made it very clear that i belong to her and that she will have me ( sexually ) whenever she wants unless i want her to go fuck aorund w other ppl! uuuummmmm helllloooo?????? am i missing something? wat kind of fucked up shit is dat!!!!?????!!!! the worst part of all is that whether i want to or not our lives are intertwined every day!!!!! LIFES FUNNY JOKE!!!!!! =-0 IM going crazy, that shits not cool! like seriously, if u dont want to be w someone dont fuck w their heads just for fun. dats real fucked up. shell go out her way to kiss me.... then proceed by telling me shes gonna go fuck someone else. or shell be like dam dat looks real good on you i wish.... I want to move one w my life to someone else. Life sure is funny! i lkind alike someone else. she makes me so nrevous! lol ive never been like dat..... Neways, enough about dat, dats a different story! wat do i do?


Hmmm..........my student, you must CRANK DAT HEISMAN on her! In other words bring that swagger to a surface, so she can see that really you got her and not the other way around! (Cause you really do!)
Cuz your not kissing up on her, your not putting your arms around her, your not telling her that if you want it you can have it, your not making her jealous telling her who you going to fuck with lata on!
See what I mean?!
You really gotta shut'em down before she be the wrench in your machine of progress and I don't want that to happen.
She knows she got your attention by doing what she does so the thing to try is stay strickly business with her. Ween her off your tits for good it takes dedication but it generally works since the two of you work together and there is minimal drama if done correctly for she will just stop one day and give up.Don't give her a sign or hint that she got your attention , now that's will power i leave up to you.
It's like training someone when they can and cannot approach you,( i like psychology, Pavlo, Freud icu baby!)
But N-E-way..................
She knows what she'smissing out and using teasing to hid her insecurities and *** the fact that she can be replace by someone new and better drives her to act this way(like a jealous best friend that's been demoted)
So don't fall for it just grow some balls and tell her to take a picture it will last longer,
and just remove yourself from the situation they hate that and most of the time to prideful to follow after you, they feel that they're too good to chase after someone!
Which is good for you if she's that kind of person!

P.S I Luv that dance step "CRANK DAT HEISMAN"

"80degree when I tell that b*tch please raise up off these n-u-t's cause you get none of these at ease!"
(Snoop Dogg, guess which song and i might give u a prize)

You don't have to be like that! That's just an example of the attitude you should have!

Forget her, she just mad cause it ain't her no more, now go out there and show her who really is in control of one's life!

Romeo sez turn ur swagger ON!
I have some Ex BeGone Spray if you or anyone else need some lol!


Don't stress chica, just be in chill mode not matter how much you wanna scream. Playing it cool will cool her down cause eventually she'll get bored, just stick with it or you can always move to a different location!

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so these pills hw do they work exactly? and this bait..... if its u then hell naawwww!!!! lol she can just be quite confusing. it just seems that when i am finally moving on w my life she just waltz bak in and messes it all up. qhy r we (females) so dam complicated? i am so glad i am not a man!!!!!


think if you were a man it'd be easier cause you'd have the excuse you were a man and there for cannot understand.
just cause a scene when she gets to close and do like a little freak out thing, than she'll get a nervous and not try anything, anything that causes a trouble only gets ppl scared


well shes not like that at all!!!! shed probably push me up against watver and give me a long passionate kiss! then walk away and b like see i told u i could have u and id probably just stand there like a dumass and be like wtf just happend!


Nah she needs a bodyguard or a better poker face, like the next time that happen just say you didn't feel a thing and brush her off! Be confusing back mutha f^cker, two can play that game! She knows things about you and you know things about her, use what you know as an evasive action. Shake it off chica and get ur head back in the game! Cause right now its like your Rocky getting ur ass kicked by that russian dude! Get up and show her who's really Boss, better yet tell her is that the best you got, I know it sounds like *** but imma wing it and guess she's not use to being really rejected that's y she's able to still do that!

If that doesn't work then I Bandit will sacrafice myself to her so that you can continue to live ur life ex free.
okay so its for my selfish needs but only if it doesn't work!


Sammie, sacrifices work better when they virgins. so this is a job for me! ok alli, where is she i'll give her the old one three, or one two three, either way she's going down!


Alli, either way, me and sammie support you and hope whatever we say helps in some way, we know you can handle it. this bit with the ex is just something new to get over. there are so many different ways to get someone off your back but there's also so many different outcomes that can come from that, you know her best so i'm sure you can come up with a way to get her off

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