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I was a terrible person - public ejaculation


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Back not that long ago when I first learned the magic joystick ejaculated and feels good, I heavily fetishised my cum.


I cum heavy and hard, even when I bottom. My cock also stays lubricated on its on with excess precum that just pours out. I'm able to massage it into my balls and cock there's that much. I think that's what made me obsessed.


But the fetish turned weird. I used to jack off maybe 4-5 times a day because of a stupidly high testosterone drive during puberty so it wouldn't be surprising I would sneak away from the boring stuff my parents were doing somewhere to have a quick wank.


When I first found out what my actual fetish was, I was at some great God uncle from the old country's apartment with my parents. Dad wanted a quick reunion with his side of the family but I was devastatingly bored. This guys apartment though and the whole design of the property was at least strange to me as I hadn't seen anything like it.


All the apartments faced towards the centre column not outwards as the whole centre was indoor backyards from level 3 downwards. My dads family's apartment was on the sixth floor, had massive balconies at the front and towards that centre column. I left everyone for a moment and went and stood out on that balcony. I made sure to reclose the curtain on my way out.


I put my hand in my pants and just fondled the foreskin for a bit to get the juice flowing and looked around. Place didn't have much occupancy but all the ones with backyards were taken. I looked directly down, there was a guy in a black Sabbath tee playing his guitar against his backyard fence. His gf was laying on his legs... that's when I noticed she had pulled his dick out and was just torturing it with teasing while he played.


His cock was hot, he was hot, I unzipped and unbuttoned and tugged trying to keep pants up in case a quick exit needs to be done. I'm watching her finger go over the head of his dick and the little licks she his balls and I'm now biting my lip.


A thought hits me, I want to be involved. I want to be on him. I lean into the balcony and fit my dick through a gap. So much came out at once I thought I was peeing at first until that spine tingle confirmed the orgasm. I watched them get covered and scream, I didn't stop. Every drop left before I pulled up and the orgasm felt like 10 minutes.


They couldn't figure out where it came from as they were trying to cover their eyes and shit and noone heard the screams as the apartments were sound proofed as it's next to a night club. I got away with it and it kept going in my brain that they may have my stains on them for life, fuck yeah.


It then developed into probably my evil period in my life. I started leaving my cum on doorknobs and inside books and on chairs. If I got caught in public or somewhere im not supposed to be, i would fucking aim for them. My cum covered four suburbs, pretty sure if you touched a trolley or a door handle during those years in those suburbs, I came on you hehe.


I stopped doing this now. I developed and made things safer but I was addicted to cumming on unsuspecting strangers.Dared friend to cum at camp

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