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straight but I have sex with men


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I would say that you are bi sexual you just want to be in the closet about it which is Your thing

Trying not to be in the closet about it but I have been doing it for so long I think it would be a shock to any of my friends that find out. I am tired about not talking about it though


Who cares, it's so hot to have a big dick to suck and feel one in your ass. So naughty. Who's in

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We all have got it in us , male female just that in some its stronger than others , plus other factors to our mindset , a little bit of kinky & a little bit a naughty erotica in or out , just enjoy where your at !

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Going to be totally honest.. who cares ?
It is your own feelings that matter, just be you!
it is no one else's business whom or what you enjoy, as long as it is not causing harm or exploitation, then keep being you as and when you need.
Anonymous sex no matter male, female, trans or any other is down to you, if you enjoy it, then go for it..

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You are bi or you have a very high sex drive (hypersexuality) I have it BAD. No trauma or *** either.

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