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Yes I'm still interested and would love to come to you and get some more info about you 

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If you are willing to be My slave, contact Me.  I am real and serious about us doing this.  you will need to relocate to Portland Oregon  USA to live here rent- free My toilet slave.

See My profile on this site and follow its instructions.  you will go to FetLife-dot-com (which is spelled out to not trigger blockage by this site.  you know how to convert it to to a regular site address).  

Contact Me as I instruct you on My profile here on this site to get to FetLife-dot--com to find Me and talk to Me.  Use FetLife's search engine on the upper-left corner of every page to enter MasterDaniel1000 with no spaces or hyphens (-) and then send Me a PM DM) to start our conversation.  (Tell Me you're from this site also.)

Do this now.

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