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i think iv found him ...maybe - Looking for LOVE!!!

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ok so there this guy iv known for a long time we went to school togeather and then split way and just recently i reconnected with him after 8 years ! im thinking damn its been that long? so anyways we get to talking and catching up and out of the blue he tells me he came out in 09 ! funny right well after all of these years im happy to have a close friend that i never would have tought was gay ! and in manyways he makes me feel something for him but idk yet i still have to talk to him a bit more ...

what do you guys think ? should i just go ahead and keep the flirts going or do i leave my options open ... cuz i think he maybe the one for me but again im not so sure yet cuz we been apart for 8 years and were close friends to begin with or do you think it could evolve into something better ?
what dose a guy like me do in this situation ?


He might be the one for you, but are you the one for him? Don't get carried away with your feelings until you know how he feels. He might just want a gay friend to hang out with. Until you find out his feelings for you, just be a friend to him. After all, you have 8 years of catching up to do, you almost have to start again with your friendship.

Good luck!


Take it slow and see how it goes. Time tells us what we may/may not do.

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