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Relationships - Love and Romance

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My Name is Shannon I am new to the site.I was in a serious comittment with a women for 5yrs and she became lustful over another women but thank the lord it was just 5yrs and nothing more even though it was long.I am glad it happend before it was more years down the line.My question is why it that when you love someone and give them what you could, they cheat and then wanna blame there infidelities on you?Lust is a real problem with people, it's seems to me like love is secondary now in relationships, lust and sex comes first to most people nowadays..Just venting that's all ladies.


Lust can be such a strong emotion, It can be such a great feeling but terrible for not so lucky one. 5 years is long to me, but ya your right 20 years down the road, its better to be 5 years. Im wondering 20 years down the road if anyone would be able to look past that and just be. I think I could do that.
But maybe thats why relationships are not that long with me.
Im either the one with lust or the one that is left. Lifes just nuts.
Hormones and being young lol I was one of those young and stupid ones still am.
How are you holding up with that girl?&gt


I am doing good Rochelle, she and I do not speak and yes 5yrs is a long time.It has been several months since I last saw her and spoke to her.I'm ok I am single as of now.I'm just enjoying my time off untill Mrs.Right comes along my way.My relationship with her was a lesson for the next and I will surely stay away from women like her, lol.I like love in my relationships and everything else falls into place with that for me.


Hey Shannon, sorry that has happened to you.
Some years ago now i was in a relationship for seven yrs and my g/f then felll under the trance of lust for another, it was the most devasting time in my life. , She was my first love, never thought it cud happen let alone with someone close to both of us.My trust in love has never been without hesitation ever since.
Such a betrayal, I so agree life is a bitch.
Guess you just keep searching till you find the right bitch!


OMG Hun!!!I understand your pain.My Ex would always say: these are just my homies, I had some doubts but still gave her that trust/space and the girl she cheated on me with was not a friend as she told me, she was seeing her and yes I was devestated but I am far away from her now, my family and I have moved out to PA i'm originally from GA so there is no contact between us, she has tried to get back with me but the lie and the cheat was more than I could bare with.

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