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Aural sex?


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As opposed to the other. As I've been more of an observer online than a participant I have no real point of reference for the reality of the real thing. That doesn't mean I'm a virgin but would say say I'm still a bit of novice! I'm a perfectly nice person and easy to get on with and hope I don't take myself too seriously, but that's at the social level.

I'm here to learn and perhaps find out what I already know. I've watched  a lot of porn and last week searched for vintage de Cadinot videos, they are good, sometimes amusing but what I was struck by was the affection and tenderness that was shown: I clearly respond more to that than the rough stuff. 

I do wonder if it's too late for me to change or improve, I can't kid myself that it doesn't matter because I know that it does. The Aural of course means I seem to talk about it far more than actually doing anything about it! Still, nothing ventured...

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