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First of all, let me describe myself; 171 cms, 68 kgs, muscular, love sports(especially swimming, soccer and basketball).I'm an *** lover.I'm also licensed volleyball player that doesn't mean i'm good at it though.What i like about myself are my teeth and my muscles .What i hate about myself are the hairs on my body and small things like acne on my face and on my arms.But to the most i just exageratte.
I'm looking for someone to wake up in his arms, someone to love, someone who will love in return, someone to hang out with, someone to talk, someone to think about.
I'D like to say that i want my husband among these countries; USA, Canada, Any Country in EUROPE, Australia, New Zealand.You can think why before you ask let me answer: Because they are all developed countries and most people there don't judge you.
And my husband had better be taller than me, have a good job, open-minded and just a little well-built.Most important of all MUST LOVE ME, at least, AS MUCH AS I'LL LOVE HIM!
Please Do Not Think that i'm just a thoughtless *** who thinks about nothing but sex.
Finally I will goto university at this fall and will study 4 or 5 years so as to be an english teacher.After i have completed my education i'll go to my husband'S country.
Waiting for THE ONE

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Wow, can i just ditto what Kaan said but change the country to Australia and the gender to a woman!? Nicely said Kaan, best of luck!

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