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Do you regret having a tattoo with your ex name or initial on your body?


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OK I was in a relationship with this guy his name is Matt now my ex I had his initial and mine tattooed on my butt now I kind of regret it in a sense that it will always remind me of him. (SIGH) After all that was said and done I came to terms with my feelings and I've moved on. And now this tat that's still there is but a memory.

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Its your life! Your past and  a memory! We shall never erase or try to forget our past cause we are who we are and we change a lot with life experiencies. Maybe that tatoo doesnt make sense to your friends or family or even your new partner but deep inside your heart it did sense once to you its your past.

 Your boddy can be your book! And your tattoo can be a story.

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