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Footsie - a sensuous way of flirting or don't touch my precious shoes?

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So I just wanted to put this out there and see what you girls think, as I put in another post I've always had a 'thing' for playing footsie with girls but wearing shoes, it's been a turn on for me ever since I can remember what being turned on was. Having done this in all sorts of scenarios, occasions & places, both deliberately and occasionally accidentally with both girlfriends and complete strangers alike, I have developed a real understanding of how girls react when their shoes touch mine or another girls. I have watched in fascination countless times in all walks of life when two girls shoes come into contact with each and their reactions. I would say in my experience there is a real 50-50 split in terms of wether a girl pulls her shoe away or just leaves it there. Now I know we can get really precious about our new Jimmy Choos or Louboutins and some move their shoes away even if something close let alone touching. Conversely I have seen girls happy to have their shoes all over each other's while talking at a bar, occasionally at work too in a canteen for example, I remember in my younger years at girls school being obsessed with playing footsie with the other girls shoes which were always black soft leather and of course hardly any of the girls cared at that stage of life, it was almost the norm that when sat with friends your legs and shoes would be entwined in some way. So anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts girls, if you realised your shoe was touching another girls would you consciously move it away or not be too bothered, finally how would you feel if you were being chatted up in a club or bar and the girl you were chatting to kept on putting their shoes next to yours? Hope to hear your opinions good or bad :-) Hanna

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