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Letting Go.. - Love and Romance


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Lately I've been discovering somethin new in life; its called.......Letting go..
It's one of them most difficult things I've had to do. ALthough, my friends seem to think I should have no problem.

My very first "real" relationship. We dated for a year (hiddin from her family). I gave the best I had, always puttin myself last, down to my last dime. I forgave and forgot more than I should have. It was an amazing relationship WHEN we were going well, but aweful when we had a bump.

It was the best year of my life. And the year I cried the most.

Thursday she moved.
I guess I've been in denial since. Today, I begun to try to break the news to my heart....it was a dissaster.

Letting Go... of the person I thought was the love of my life.
Life never stops teaching us...


Yes letting go is very hard its something that you never want to face. Its something that I also have to do but my heart is saying noooo you can't do this. this person is my wife my friend of five years how do you do this. Its something I have to learn too..


dm and cynthia my heart breaks for you both, take care and keep in touch, we care

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