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icon-wio hwolf96 created a topic in Gay Sex Forum
  • 24.08.2018 12:38:01
  • Harris
First Bathhouse Experience
I'm a bi-married bottom guy, so play incognito, but have always fantasized about going to a bathhouse and just getting used by many random guys. Recently I was stuck in Perth, Australia over the weekend, and on Saturday decided (after a few drinks) to visit the Steamworks sauna. Short walk from More…the hotel and a couple more pints on the way down, then I arrived. Steamworks has 2 private rooms and I took one of them. Really a bit crazy at first as you walk in and it is so dark. I found the private room, stripped down, grabbed the towel and went for a quick shower. It was my first time walking through a bathhouse and quite interesting all the guys standing around looking for action. Took my shower, a few hellos to guys in the shower area, and then back to the room.
I really wanted to live out my 'used by many random guys' fantasy, so I left the door open, took off my towel and got up on the bed doggystyle with my ass pointed at the door. Well damn I didn't have to wait long. Within 3 or 4 minutes, 3 guys (3 guys holy crap!!!) come into the room and close the door. To be honest, for a minute I was worried, as I wanted only safe anal and was worried maybe 3 guys with a closed door might try to take advantage of me....but that was not the case. So within 5 minutes of putting my ass on display in my first ever bathhouse experience, I've got 3 hard cocks that want to get inside me, just inches from my face. I've never had any kind of group sex, so this was about to get interesting.
Guy #1 had a very thick cock. Maybe 6.5" long, but very thick. Of course he was the first to go into my ass. So every guy I would run my hand back underneath and feel for the condom before they could put their cock in my ass. Did the check, and let him go...too thick and made him get more lube. Second attempt and I was getting my ass fucked by a random guy. Guy #2, also with a very nice cock, put his hard cock in front of my face. Well, started sucking his dick while Guy #1 was pumping away at my ass, and just like that less than 10 minutes after walking in the door, I'm being spit roasted for the first time in my life. After a few minutes pounding away, Guys #1 pull his cock out of my ass and Guy #3 just casually moves up behind and pushes his cock up my ass...I'm just amazed by the circumstances at this point that I've just been casually assfucked by another stranger. This continues for another 10 or 15 minutes, with all 3 guys rotating around from my ass to mouth to ass....on and on.
So I had quite an intense first 20 minutes and my ass was well and truly used. I probably let my ass get fucked 2 or 3 times a year, so already I was at that quantity of dick in my ass. I went and showered, came back and put my ass on display again. I think someone followed me from the shower, as within a minute a hand was squeezing my ass cheeks followed by a finger up my asshole. A minute later the sound of a condom wrapper, and I still haven't even looked back to see this guys, and then his cock is pushed right up my ass.....fucks me really very hard for 5 to 10 minutes, then pulls out and gone....never even looked at the guy, just felt his dick inside my ass.
For the next 1.5 hours it went like this, with random guys coming in, using my ass for 5 to 10 minutes, then going. Then something crazy happened!
A guy came in and started fucking me, but seemed he couldn't find a comfortable position where he could pump away. We tried doggy, probe, on my back...then finally I got up doggy on the chair in the room, just a little height difference from the bed. I guess the chair gave the perfect ass-to-cock height ratio because he started pounding my ass like crazy! I moaned and made noises I didn't even know I was capable of while he plugged away...and I guess my vocals attracted some attention.
When he finished and pulled his cock out of my ass, I finally turned to look back and there were 4 other guys in the room stroking their cocks and watching me get assfucked. Well, I just simply said "Next" and a minute later I had another random cock up my ass. For the next maybe 30 minutes, I didn't turn around, just every time another cock was about to enter I would feel that the condom was on. It was crazy, at any time during this period, some of the guys were just handing around the room having a conversation..the weather, the traffic, politics, whatever....while one of the guys was using my ass. Every few minutes whoever was fucking me would say "who wants in" and I'd have another cock up my ass. After they all finished, I still have no idea how many guys fucked me in those 30 minutes. I got changed out 9 or 10 times, but I don't know if it was just those 4 initial guys rotating or if other guys came in to join the gangbang.
Anyhow, first bathhouse experience, I got fucked around 20 times by anywhere from 10 - 20 different random cocks. I loved it. In fact, I love it so much that I went back the very next day, and from this point forward I'll go every time I'm in Perth!
escapeartist2 that sounds awesome. I really want to try a local bath house but always lose my nerve. I really hope I muster up the courage to go soon! that sounds awesome. I really want to try a local bath house but always lose my nerve. I really hope I muster up the courage to go soon!
Like · 15.05.2019 10:25:43
Thongsissy I love going to the bath house and be who I really am and show everyone that I’m love being who I am and will always love showing everyone what I want and what I can do to make people feel like a real man after I have let him experience me! I love going to the bath house and be who I really am and show everyone that I’m love being who I am and will always love showing everyone what I want and what I can do to make people feel like a real man after I have let him experience me!
Like · 08.03.2019 6:41:12
Thongsissy I often go to the bath house and immediately strip down to just a tiny g-string thong and a crop top belly shirt and I always pull my thong panties as high as I possibly can and I’ll walk around showing my ass off and showing off my hot little bright orange g-string so everyone can see it and I More… will have my sissy ass and shake it a little bit and hold it out and immediately start getting stared at and I see people watching me and I will bend over and really get my ass up high showing off to everyone and I will find a bench and lay ass up high and arch my back and get on my knees so I am in the perfect position showing everyone that I’m horny and I am a little sissy total bottom and I will be very submissive and I will have a lot of guys who make me their bitch for everyone that is wanting me and I will go to my room and I will leave the door wide open and I’ll make sure it will stay open and use a magazine to prop it so it will stay wide open and then I’ll get all the covers off the bed and leave only the fitted sheet on and then I will get myself in the perfect position for everyone to easily get a complete view of me and I will have my little sissy ass facing the door and I will get in the perfect position to show people how much I am ready for a good pounding and I will get on my knees with my head down low and arch my back and hold my ass as high as possible and I’ll pull my thong up extra high and I will get lubed all over and see that I have a line of people already at least 10 deep waiting for me to give them a turn using me but see 3 guys already in my room and all have their clocks out and they are very hard and all of them are very big thick and long and I’m told to beg for them to make me a bitch and tell all of them that I only want to get my sissy ass fucked raw
Like · 07.03.2019 19:47:29
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