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Hey can someone answer this for me? - Love and Romance

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when me and my girl began she didnt have a job and now she does and im happy for her..but she been working a lot like a lot..and she was suppose to spend time with me for thanksgiving. but when her friend called her to work to spend time with her girl..my girl said she would work for her. BUT the point is me and her has been planning this for a long time.this weekend together. am I wrong for being so upset.?


Hell no but she may need to work to help make up for the time she wasn't working


i think if u guys had planned it wayyy ahead of time then yahh its kinda wrong.. but i also understand if it was like her boss, or mandatory for her to go in..


Personaly i dont think your in the wrong. I understand her need to work but at the sametime to make a relationship work both people have to try to make time for each other. Maybe you should talk to her and explain your feelings any why it is upsetting you the way that it does. Hopefully she will understand and you 2 can make some time for you two. Hope it works out