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Doctor Dream

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You were the doctor coming to check on me. After my lab, you requested the nurse to bring me to x-ray. I got in the wheelchair and the nurse took me down. You opened the door and told the nurse to come back in 30 min... you unplugged the machine and put a out of order sign on it then you pulled your cock out and slapped my face with it. You had me lay on the x-ray table and climbed my chest and fuck my tits... then you put it in my mouth and you straddled my face and started pumping my mouth... i grabbed your ass as you fucked my mouth. You picked up the pace and shot a load in my mouth. Then you slide my robe to the side and started jerking my cock. You stood to the side of me so i was able to take your soft cock in my mouth as you stroked me. Then you got on top of me and we did a 69 position and you began sucking my cock while fucking my mouth... i let out a grown and my cum shot in your mouth and at the same time you shot a 2nd load down my throat.... then you said tomorrow ill do the x-ray because the machine is broke.. i winked and said see you tomorrow doc... 


I had a Doctor when I was in college who would always want to check my balls and, ass. He would massage them and, use a probe in an awesome way. I ended up being his bitch for a while because, when he massaged my balls once, I got hard then he fucked me.


Come to my pool party TONIGHT@8pm. No apprehension or regrets. Knock on the door. Ask for Sophia.10811 Shawnbrook Dr. Houston TX 77071


 I had awesome sex with my Chiropractor. It was late and I was his last appointment. The Receptionist to me to a Room, I was told to lay down on a vibrating mat, it was very relaxing, after awhile, the Dr. Came in the Room and worked me into a few positions to adjust me. I was on my stomach staring right at his crotch as he massaged and adjusted my back occasionally going down to my butt massaging my butt cheeks. I looked up and noticed he had an Erection in his pants!. I took a chance and unzipped his pants, exposing a nice Erection. I licked and gentle sucked the head of his Penis, his hands now went into my shorts and he Vegas to massage my shaved pinkish guy pussy. I began to now suck the full length of his manhood and in turn felt his finger enter me. We met on several different occasions late night after he closed and we had Beautiful Sex together.