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  2. Hi, Just joined

    hey any one in california coachella valley? add me on snap: itz_andrewbruh
  3. Mature men 50+

    Some younger guys are only looking for their age group. I don't care about age. I just want a nice guy of any age with a big cock.
  4. Panties, men wearing panties, thongs

    I only wear panties. I don't own any men's underwear.
  5. Mature men 50+

    I'm actually seeking an older man for my boyfriend.
  6. Hi


    Well, I think it's a turn off when you have just met someone. I think it should be kept very light until we get to know each other a little better. Then we can get up to that level.
  8. Brief Encounters.

    I love brief encounters. I found out that alot of married straight men that go to adult theatres are there because their wife at home won't give head or good head. So I have sucked off many married men never to see them again. I was 27 when I met a guy in the theatre...I walked in while he was jacking off. I grabbed his cock and sucked it he came and left. I was leaving and he pulled up in his car. We talked and he said he was married but his wife was prude so he would go to the private booths to catch a nut before he went home. He said i was the first guy he had been with. I was rubbing his cock the whole time we talked he said that he hurriedly left because he felt awkward but I gave such great head he waited till I came out to thank me. I was so flattered that I had him balls deep in my throat in the parking lot. Needless to say his marriage failed but many many blowjobs later a friendship has formed. In fact he got married again 3 yrs ago. I was in the wedding as a groomsman...I was also the last mouth he fucked as a single man.
  9. Mature men 50+

    Look for a silver now .65 plus 70 great
  10. Mature men 50+

    Fuck me
  11. add me on gay4guy.com , my nickname Joyde7
  12. So I've been secretly wearing panties when this amazing older man talked me into it (that's another story) today I'm in my mid 30s and my wife and I share panty drawer I no longer wear mens underwear well not often. She thinks it's a her and I thing she doesn't know I've loved doing this most my life she has no idea or does anyone for that matter about when I was a teenager I was hooking up with a much older man it was not ever forced it was mostly me begging to play. I'm a ruff and ruff guy I just like wearing panties thongs g-strings or anything that goes up my butt I am usually very very cautious that it's hidden very well except a couple weeks ago while at the park I was keeled down and apparently you could see my thong I was wearing clear as day and another man very discretely came up and complimented how hot I was and I was even hotter because I wear panties thongs and he's love to hook up with me. Well that's never happened so I panicked like a idiot and got away from him later that day I really wished I hadn't and got his info he was very hot and probably everything I want in a guy "friend" but I can't find him and I've looked a lot. 1 guys what do you think of other guys who wear panties thongs? 2 how can I discretely meet a guy friend 3 anyone here live in Florida on the Space Coast 4 how many guys also wear panties thongs daily either secretly or don't care who knows 5 what's your favorite kind to wear

    SPUNKYPUNK is A Great LOVER of Showoffz, Check Me & Find Out4Yourself💋💝🎭, Ciao Bella Lover of Pure Joy💋.
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  15. Mature men 50+

    Me too. We know what we want. A good dicking.
  16. Leather and Crossdressing

    I'd love to meet beauty like
  17. Leather and Crossdressing

    I think we three would enjoy each other pleasure meeting
  18. Where's my G Spot? Can I orgasm a new way? Help

    Yes, you sure can and it's much better than the regular way!
  19. Leather and Crossdressing

    Love to hook up with you , you sound like a lot of fun
  20. Where's my G Spot? Can I orgasm a new way? Help

    I want to hit that 19375096090
  21. Most intense orgasm you've had

    Getting fucked by a female with a strap on. From the first time till now I've never felt anything that compares. M mom told me not to touch a female and at nine years old she put valium in my food and in the middle of the night she came and had her way with me and I've slept with a dildo in place more times than I can count; including about three hours today!
  22. Our you a freak😈our you fantasizeing every day?

    The expected feelings that comes from sharing your nectar and getting some back in the process! Always swallow that nectar. It's good for YOU!
  23. Sub slave and training

    Sissy needs training!!
  24. Cum down under

    HOT BOTTOM GAY smooth body nice ass nice hairless crack sweet hole looking for well hung guys who know how to be dominant
  25. Last month I was with several other guys that all dress up in lingerie and sexy, feminine clothes, party, go out dancing, cruising, and it's such a blast letting my femme side out to play and I love the CD on CD sex, it's so slutty. Any way we had a great weekend. Last week I went with my friend to a leather party and the guys were so hot and the leather looked so sexy! One guy wearing only a leather harness, boots and a cock ring cornered me in the bathroom and kissed me all wet and hot. I was so turned on and let him dominate and control my bodyand had the greatest M2M sex ever! I love both scenes. Am I the only gay male who thinks that both Crossdressing fishnet stockings eyeliner femmeboy sex and Leather dungeon sling & harness sex are both intensely hot and sexy?
  26. Hi, Just joined

    Hi I just joined and looking to meet real cool, down to earth brothers who want something special with another cool and down to earth guy.
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