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Why girls make things so difficult... 2 Easy aka Toni - Love and Romance


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You talk to them when they are with there girls and they get ugly... but then them and there girls continually watch you on & off like they want you to come and talk to them....truthfully it's only two out of the group that you really want to talk to... but i don't want to appear to be a player either... then there's straight female's that are attracted who flirt's with me bad....some are marry, some have a boyfriend and some are single.... but i'm not attracted to them in that way.... i use to date them... basically they just wanted sex all of me and there husband and boyfriend.... not my cup of coffee or tea no mo.... I am a genuine person who enjoy, talking and doing things, getting out....listening to music....being passionate with the person i make happy and that make me more happy... i'm old fashion about sex thou... mostly i end up giving in to the female and doing it on the first date, that's something i'm breaking thou....i'm a hygenically clean female and thinks all female should be....also i enjoy tennis, basketball sports in general.... motivating to myself and others... i get down like everybody else i just don't stay there thou...I've only dated aggressive fems i'm thinking now maybe that's what God put in the cards for me....
2 Easy aka Toni

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