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its hard to find true love
i'm sure that i'm ready to love again...
but i'm not ready to hurt my self again...
i know that in the name of LOVE there's happiness and sadness..

i'm afraid of that the one i love who gonna make me hurt

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It's sad to say that it's in the hurting that you will learn the best lessons in life...after getting hurt so many times, you will know what you want and what you don't want in a relationship....sometimes it means to open your eyes to guys that you would have never laid eyes on a few years back.
You need to feel comfortable with the person, that things go smoothly without forcing anything...I know at first it's hard because there's a lot of infatuation....that infatuation will wear down after a few weeks/months....you can't be his world and he can't be yours...as individuals, you have your life, he has his and then you have your lives as a couple....imagine 2 circles crossing each other, on the left circle, this is your life, on the right circle, this is his life, where the 2 circles intersects: this is the couple's life...you will notice that in most cases the intersections of the 2 circles is smaller than your respectives lives..it's normal, you had a life before him (family, friends, activities etc) so did he, and you will have a life after him so will he.

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