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Inside my head love - Love and Romance

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So I was just thinking about this women I met...and then caressed
Shes' cute.
and when she smiles
her eye sparkle
and the corners of my mouth lift up.
but I just dnt get her.
We hung out a couple times
but It just seems like my charm hasn't hit her.
She still seems evasive...
my insightful questions and thoughtful comments only get 1 word answers.
It even seems like we only talk when she feels like it.

But maybe the wheels in my head simply turn too much
Over thought
Coversations replayed word for word in my mind
A Dozen Times
"I shouldn't have said that...I should have said this..
Did I kiss her good??
She doesn't like me...
she won't call you, just wait and see."

We sexed once
and I videotaped it all..
press replay in my memory
Legs open wide...clothing sprawled.
"I should have did it like this...not like that..."
Fade to black
Last scene
Eyes flutter to the ceiling
on her back

Well, maybe I wasnt so bad

I won't over think so much, I guess
I'll just wait for her to call
Sign language
her hands spoke all the words she wont say
Day broke and her alarm rang
Till we meet again

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